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August 6, 2018

During my recent trip to Byron Bay, I spent a significant time driving through the hinterlands. This, I have to say, was honestly my favorite part of my weekend away. The temperature was a perfect 21 degrees, there was not a cloud in sight, the smell of fresh wattle wafted in through my open windows as I played chilled music while navigating the gentle, winding roads of the lush Byron Bay hills. 

It was an absolute dream and the best way to start the magical journey of visiting the stunning property of Melanie Jewel, creator of Makers Mess (located on-site).

Tucked away off a small dirt road in Binna Burra, this 25-acre property is home to Mel, her husband and four children, and Mel’s new baby Makers Mess. This newly converted barn stands proudly as you enter down the driveway. A rustic, yet polished renovation that emphasizes natural elements, connection to the outside, and a sense of absolute calm.

Mel refers to Makers Mess as a ‘Day Spa for the Arts’, and it’s so easy to see why.

A blissful and creative crafter-noon with a side of R&R? Yes, please!

I felt like I had been transported to another world (far away from anything that resembled my own life), as the sounds of birds chipping and cows mooing became the soundtrack to a lovely morning spent chatting and snapping photos of the effortlessly perfect building. The beautiful touches of handmade and unique elements, like the recycled trough outside, Mel’s own handmade plates and cups that are used for lunches during workshops, or the stunning weaved artwork by local artist, dotted around the space were an ode to what Makers Mess is all about.

Now, pair this setting with the joy of learning a new craft, surrounded by creative like-minded individuals, and you have got yourself one inspiring place.

And this was the aim of Makers Mess.

To be a space that not only hosts creative workshops like lino print making, spoon carving and enamel jewellery making, but to be a communal hub where creative minds can come together to share their learnings, their creations and their passion for making.

Mel, just like me, has an affinity for all types of craft and has dabbled in them all. So the workshops offered at Makers Mess are wide and varied. But what you can always guarantee is a blissful time with beautiful individuals who care about the one thing you do. Making.

So if you’re looking for a new workshop space in the Byron area, or planning your next trip up there and want to have a little creative escape, then make sure to check out Makers Mess and the wonderful workshops that are being held there.

Loved what you have heard about Makers Mess and want to find out more for next trip to Byron Bay? Follow the links below for more information about upcoming workshops, and if there’s something specific you have in mind, Mel is always up for creating something new.

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