Workshop Review | Polymer Clay Earrings with Kelaoke
July 6, 2018

It seems like all the cool girls are wearing them, and if they can rock them, then surely I could too! I’m talking about those amazingly bold and colourful statement earrings every chick and her bestie seem to be sporting around Melbourne nowadays. I just had to get me some of these…but of course, I had to do it my way…the DIY way.

So in true HOAM spirit, I set off on the mission to return with my very own pair of statement earrings and a whole bunch of new crafty skills.

Led by the wonderful and very talented Kelly from Kelaoke, at one of Melbourne’s best (and most gorgeous) spaces, The Windsor Workshop, I was set for an afternoon of creativity, clay play and chitter-chatter with a lovely group of like-minded ladies.

Firstly, The Windsor Workshop is the perfect scene for this type of creative workshop. Beautiful, big, rounded windows flood the space with lovely natural light as the warming, red brick walls make you feel like you’re in a downtown Manhattan warehouse. Every corner has either a cascading green plant or a beautiful bunch of perfectly arranged flowers which pick up on the super cute native stem arrangements on each of the tables. I don’t know about you, but when I’m trying to get those creative juices flowing, a touch of nature around me certainly helps!

Kelly, the creative driver and maker behind the ever-popular Kelaoke, started the workshop and put us straight to work. Literally. I had no idea that polymer clay moulding was such a workout! Blending my two little bits of clay into one smooth, perfectly consistent lump felt like I had done 100 pushups! Workshop and workout all in one! Bonus!

Once that hard task was out of the way, it was now time to get creative with shapes, patterns and colour combinations. Having done a little Instagram cheating before heading into the workshop, I already kind of knew what I wanted my finished earrings to look like, however, during this process, all of those ideas went out the window and something completely different (and I must say way better) emerged. Looking at the colours I had in front of me with the guiding words and examples from Kelly, my imagination went crazy with a whole lot of wild and wonderful ideas. And I think this was the case for a lot of the women there.

As I looked at the other ladies’ creations around me, I was stunned just how different everyone expressed the same process I had just gone through. So many different colours from one end of the spectrum to the other, crazy patterns next to soft, subtle ones, bold shapes contrasted with delicate ones. That’s creativity for you! Blows my mind every time.

In the midst of all of this creativity, something even better happened…the ladies from The Windsor Workshop presented the most extraordinary tasting board exploding with colourful fruit, yummy nuts and delicious cheese. Honestly, could this Saturday afternoon get any better? Yep! There was also mulled wine!

By the end of the workshop, I had a belly full of tasty food (and even better mulled wine!), a heart full of great vibes, a mind full of creativity and to top it off not one, but two pairs of absolutely adorable statement earrings. As I introduced myself to the people around me I learnt of quite a number of them being there due to receiving it as a gift, and I thought to myself what a kind and thoughtful present that is! Buying things as presents is so 2017, it’s experiences that are all the rage, and what better experience than making something you can have forever with a friend you love and adore.

Suffice it to say, this workshop was a Saturday afternoon well spent in a lovely space with even lovelier creative ladies, and the cherry on top? I am now one of those (self-titled) ‘cool and trendy’ Melbournians rocking the statement earrings! I never take them off!


Loved what you have heard about the Polymer Clay Earrings Workshop and want to try it for yourself? Well check out Kelly’s online links below for more information about upcoming workshops and where you can purchase her beautiful creations.

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If you are after a variety of amazing craft workshops led by even more amazing, talented people then check out The Windsor Workshop’s online links below for upcoming events and general workshop goodness.

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