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What is punch needling?

Punch needling is a form of rug hooking, traditionally used to create beautiful carpets/rugs. Today, this versatile technique and tool, together with a specific open-weave fabric, and wool or strips of fabric, come together to create objects like cushion covers, bags, art, and even cool jackets!

Punch needling works by forming a continuous loop stitch with a special tool called a punch needle. The stitches of wool are held together by the tension of the fabric’s weave and the pressure of all the stitches pushing against one another.


How do you use the patterns to create a punch needle artwork?

In the punch needle kits, you are supplied with printed patterns, these are secured to the backside of the fabric with pins. Holding the fabric/frame up to a window or using a light box, you are then able to trace the pattern onto your working side of the fabric and start punching!

Why is the Amy Oxford Punch Needle the best on the market?

Amy Oxford is a longtime rug hooker/punch needler, having worked for companies in the US producing large-scale rugs as well as patterns. After working with the traditional tools for so long her hands started to tire, so she decided to design and make her own needle! Ergonomically designed to sit comfortably within the hand, you can use this tool for hours on end and not feel a thing. Made out of solid timber and steel in Vermont, USA, the Amy Oxford punch needle has no moving parts and is solid as can be, meaning you will never have to replace this needle…it’s a tool for life!

For more information about the tool you can have a look at the Amy Oxford website here.

I have no experience in crafting/fibre techniques, will I be able to complete the punch needle kit successfully?

Punch needling, as intricate and detailed as it can seem, is actually a very simple technique to learn. After a little bit of practice, you will have the hang of it in on time and will be able to create any punch needling pattern you choose to take on.

What age GROUP would you recommend the Punch Needle Kits are suitable for?

As this technique has a very quick learning curve, I would recommend anyone from the age of 8 will be able to pick up punch needling quite easily.

Do you wholesale any of your products?

Currently, wholesale is not available. If you are interested, please email me at and I can take a note of your details and be in contact when I am able to provide this in the future.

If you have a query that I haven’t answered above please feel free to contact me at or DM me on Instagram.

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