Make beautiful things for meaningful reasons.

Hi, I’m Nathalie Dumont, the maker behind Hands of a Maker.

My love of crafts began at an early age. I think I’ve tried 90% of the crafts out there! I love learning how things work. Seeing how something is made and then being able to replicate it myself just tickles all my creative feathers.

Hands of a Maker was born out of a desire to document and share the process and results of the many, many different crafts I experiment with.

In 2018 I discovered punch needling. It was an instant connection. I enjoyed how quick it was to learn, how I could stop and start a project with no setup/pack down (sorry all you painters, I just don’t know how you do it!), but most of all it was how this simple, repetitive technique allowed my mind to slow down and rest for the 5 minutes or 2 hours I was making. With each stitch I would become more immersed in what my hands were doing, not where my mind would normally wonder off to. It was something special, and something that I knew I couldn’t stop doing.

As I progressed with this amazing craft, I wanted to explore my deep fascination and love of nature through my punch needle work. Not just through form and patterns, but through the materials I was using to create.

That’s when I discovered natural dyeing, and everything just clicked.

Now, the only yarn I punch with is 100% Australian Wool, dyed with the plants around me, and food waste from home and local cafes. It’s this all encompassing process of creativity and making that has totally transformed the way I look at this craft and what I now have a desire to do… which is share it with you.

These past couple of years have shown me what a difference having an outlet, like punch needling or natural dyeing, can have on your mind and spirit.

Now, through online resources like videos, e-books and patterns, my purpose is to teach you the techniques of punch needling and natural dyeing. Not only so you can learn how to make beautiful things, but also to show you how making with your hands could also be your mind’s quiet sanctuary.

So welcome to Hands of a Maker. I can’t wait to take you along this journey with me and maybe be able to teach you something you might just fall in love with, like I did.

Nat x



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